23 November 2013

snow for thanksgiving

it snowed. not just a dusting, no. it started snowing yesterday afternoon and didn't let up until sometime early this morning.
typically around this time of year i have a plane ticket purchased, my bags are nearly packed, and i'm ready to fly to a warmer destination (see: no snow). this winter is a different story. i'm hunkering down and settling into moab for the long haul. now don't get me wrong, our winters are very mild when compared to those of say, montana or the dakotas, but for a girl raised in the every-single-day-is-72-degrees climate of southern california, this is the real deal.
last week...
...this week.
lucky for me, i like to bake. i have quite a few recipes involving various incarnations of flour, sugar, butter, and salt that i want to try out during these cooler months; plenty to keep me busy until it's time to bust out the shorts and tank tops of spring.
i'm also on the hunt for a larger, commercial kitchen space to bake bread in. it's been wonderfully convenient baking out of my home, but i'm starting to outgrow the space (it's a good thing!). unfortunately, there isn't just a huge, bright, open commercial kitchen with a steam-injection deck oven and a 30-quart mixer just sitting vacant on main street, so i'm still looking at my options. a fabulous Tartine-style bakery would be nice to work in, but that's not here, either.
recently i've had several coffee and beer (not together) dates with some awesome ladies in town. we've been brainstorming and chitchatting about the future of moab and a niche that needs to be filled. having these conversations has been energizing and very inspiring - i've always been excited about the unknown, not fearful. what will transpire with this little baking operation? who knows. the sky's the limit at this point, and i'm looking forward to the changes ahead.
stay warm. :) 

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