14 November 2013

early morning musings

5:40am  i've been up for an hour now. whaaaaaat? oh ya. it's sourdough day people. due to the way i bake these loaves (in cast iron dutch ovens), i can only bake in very, embarrassingly small batches. therefore, it's early to rise to get it all done before heading to the restaurant in the evening.

the silence at this time of day possesses a kind of substance; it feels full, pregnant with the anticipation of the sun and all that it's warmth will bring. don't get my wrong, i do not like getting up this early, but there is something exceptionally calming about rising before el sol to bake bread [i hope to refer back to this statement when (if?) i own a bakery and am rising at 4:00am to bake 300 loaves]. doing something with precise intention, setting your self and your comforts aside to accomplish something greater, for others, is immensely satisfying.

also: yay coffee!

i'm sure many of you, all you millions of readers out there, have baked a loaf or two of bread in your lives. so you know that with bread, unlike cooking, there's not a lot of time where you're actively involved in the process. for the most part the flour, water, salt, and yeast do their own thing, you're just an enabler. i get up very early to basically work for 3 minutes and then wait. "so....why don't you just go back to bed?" ohhh no. the bread wants to be handled every 30 minutes or so, just to spite me. so here i am, at the kitchen table, typing up this blog post instead.

so what do i do in the in between times? i usually end up at the computer, checking e-mails and the various food and photography blogs i follow. i get inspired, i make to do lists. i stretch and talk to lolita. i turn on npr then check my bank account to see if some little fairy deposited money in there overnight (nope, not yet). then i dip my hand in lukewarm water and turn the wet, slack dough, encouraging it to develop strength so that it can contain all the gas that all the wild yeast are producing in their warm, contained environment.

and then i repeat.

have a good morning. :)  

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  1. Em, I really like how you said the morning is full of substance and pregnant with anticipation, hopefully the sweet soft rays make it into your tiny windows and warm your beautiful face this morning. i was also up early, reading and catching up on email and plans for holidays with family, dreaming of the time when i will be able to sleep in again past 7am. muchos besos!