05 November 2013

baking for thanksgiving

this is my cat, lolita.

this photo has absolutely nothing to do with this post, but how could i not share a capture like this? it would just be mean.

anyway, i'm beginning to think about thanksgiving and this little baking operation i have going on. i would like to offer something special, something homemade (of course), for you all to share with your friends and loved ones on thursday november 28th. i have some ideas of my own (all-butter pie dough, parker house rolls, pecan shortbread cookies), but would love to hear some suggestions from you, if you have them.

is there anything in particular you'd like to have at thanksgiving, a baked treat that you just would rather someone else make for you?

let me know...


  1. I need some yummy rolls!! But you'd have to ship them :) And did I hear wedding cake? I'd love to figure out how to get you baking one for reception in June!! But seems mean to make you work ;) Happy baking!

    1. somehow i think the rolls would lose that fresh-outta-the-oven taste once they arrived in new jersey. ;) let's chat about a cake and your reception...i already can't wait!

  2. No suggestions here but Sawyer likes the picture. "Awww, a kitty in the laundry room. Is that kitty gonna get laundry with all the clothes and then people are gonna take him and wear him?"