23 October 2013

desolation and a facebook page

well, i survived 7 days on the river. it was a beautiful and very special trip through desolation and gray canyons. i felt as though i was a world away, something i love about utah and it's wild places. we were never more than a few hours from moab, but we were so isolated that had an emergency occurred and a rescue been necessary, it would have been hours (or more) before someone could get to us. scary, but a situation that inevitably makes you feel very vulnerable and, more importantly, very alive.

needless to say, i am so happy to be home with my little family and my little house. fall is a spectacular time in moab, sunny days and cool nights make for the best playing and the best sleeping weather. i am really excited to continue baking bread this fall and to get on my bike even more. and maybe start running and/or climbing again? we'll see about that last one.

as a side note, i have created a facebook page as another way to keep everyone posted on what i'm baking each week. it'll also be a good way to share photos and info on what's up in my kitchen.

check it out: www.facebook.com/theundergroundbaker

here are some photos from the river trip. if you ever get the opportunity to go down these canyons, go.


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    1. I know! it was wild. no one could really give us a straight story as to how it got there, but I will tell you that it was truly bizarre to see a human skull out in the wilderness. especially when it looks as though the fellow either took a really bad fall or had his head bashed in....spooky.